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Life Adventures Guest Member

available to licensed/certified practitioners

This is for health and wellness practitioners that are either just starting a practice or already have an established practice and want a space to rent that is designed for wellness. The ideal guest wants guaranteed days and times per week, every week, to maintain a consistent client schedule. Additionally, the ideal guest wants to be part of a collaborative learning community.

The following specifies the many benefits available.

Cost: $250 initial fee plus 6-hour block fee 

$150/1 block

$250/2 blocks

$350/3 blocks

$400/4 blocks

$450/5 blocks

$500/6 blocks

$550/7 blocks


Support Group Meeting


In House

  • Furnished office available in scheduled/reserved 6-hour time blocks (8am-2pm or 2:30pm-8:30pm)

  • Locked mailbox (address can be used as a business address)

  • Access to play room (if available)

  • Access to group room (if available)

  • Administrative area (includes refrigerator for snacks)

  • Lobby area

  • Office housekeeping

  • Building maintenance (including parking lot, gardening, outside building)

  • Property insurance (not personal property)

  • Water/gas/electricity/garbage

  • Internet


  • Limited office storage available for personal items

  • Access to practices resources (e.g., forms, templates, curriculum) for an additional cost

  • Group consultation (that includes experiential therapy training) with a licensed supervisor available for $100/session

  • $250 must be paid if there is any disruption of service (i.e., more than one-month unpaid rent)

  • Clinical consultation available for $150/hour. (minimum 1 hour charge)

  • Career coaching available for $150/hour

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