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Virtual Adventure Therapy for Skilled Practitioners


Learn how to create stronger engagement and increased interaction in your virtual experiential and adventure therapy telehealth sessions.

About this Event

Our current health crisis finds our clients at risk for increased conflict and disruption. Many providers are struggling to engage and support families and individuals without being able to see them in person. This highly interactive online workshop will help you design and deliver engaging, fun, and refreshing virtual therapy sessions using adventure therapy and other experiential techniques.

The challenge is that while virtual settings opens up more possibilities for therapy, most online sessions are simply extensions of talk therapy. These sessions often feel disconnected, and consequently, participants multitask and pay minimal attention, allowing the online sessions to become an unproductive use of everyone’s time. As practitioners now working primarily in the virtual world, we have noticed that the one-way nature of most sessions misses the opportunity to fully engage the client or family. Virtual delivery requires a new look at the session design and our facilitation.

Of course, preparing for a virtual session is quite different than planning for in-person, face-to-face sessions. For virtual sessions to be effective, stronger engagement and increased interaction must be incorporated into the experience. This course provides both family and individual curriculum that have already been tested virtually with clients. This framework will allow experienced adventure therapists to convert some favorite interventions into our proven virtual interactive sessions. You’ll discover how to use virtual methods based on adventure and experiential interventions to add meaning, engagement, and immediate effectiveness to the session. Your clients will stay focused and involved, learning new skills and improving relationships. Your sessions will once again be inviting, exciting and refreshing.

Topics Covered

  • How to aim for the high-impact moments in a virtual environment
  • How to add your presence into the virtual environment
  • Adding challenge, excitement, and discoveries through activities
  • Strategic usage of the different types of content
  • Sustaining clients’ interest
  • Gauging learning and experience impact
  • Lesson plans that follow a standard outline to increase consistency and the sense of predictability
  • Lesson plans that focus on critical skill components, including: positive relationships, respectful communication, coping with stress, normalizing routines, problem solving, personal and family responsibilities, and more.
  • Lesson plans that are modular and flexible; providers can deliver them in one or across several appointments.

What you will get for your attendance

  • Online, Field Tested, Design Models and Tips
  • 6 Family Session Lesson Plans
  • 6 Individual Session Lesson Plans
  • 20 minute personal consultation call (must be scheduled within three months of the webinar)
  • Certificate of completion

Who should attend the online workshop?

Practitioners with some previous skill with adventure or experiential interventions who want to increase experiential telehealth OR improve the effectiveness of experiential telehealth OR engage clients in a more interactive telehealth experience AND want to engage and lead sequenced sessions designed to stabilize, support, and strengthen clients.

Facilitators: Dr. Bobbi Beale and Dr. Maurie Lung

Dr. Bobbi Beale is a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Innovative Practices at CWRU. She is their resident trauma & resilience expert and spends most of her time training, consulting and providing technical assistance around Ohio to support behavioral health providers of youth and family services. Bobbi has specialized in designing non-traditional therapy programs for youth populations that are at risk or have trauma histories. Her programs have utilized adventure therapy, a highly engaging and experiential treatment, to increase skills and resiliency for children, youth and families. She recently launched her own training and consulting business, Life Adventures for All, to continue working on validating AT with clinical research. Bobbi’s next personal adventure will be to design and implement a program that combines adventure therapy with CIP’s home-based treatment model, to serve children and youth right at home with their families, where they belong.

Dr. Maurie Lung integrates over 25 years of experience in recreation, education, psychology, and evaluation to provide therapeutic services in a community-based organization she founded, Life Adventures. In addition to her experiences as a practitioner and administrator, Maurie provides training and technical assistance to organizations internationally and is also an associate professor overseeing the Ecotherapy and Adventure-based Psychotherapy counseling programs at Prescott College. In all of these roles, Maurie utilizes experientially methodology to provide services with a diverse client population. The growth and change she witnesses for youth, families, and adults through this process continues to amaze her and remind her of the power of playful experience.