Life Adventures for All Consulting

Life Adventures for All supports programs, agencies, organizations, and individual practitioners to achieve their goals for improving the lives of their clients by providing training, consulting, and technical assistance to implement Adventure Therapy locally.

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Current implementation science indicates that training alone is not sufficient; organizational buy-in, ongoing expert consultation and timely technical assistance are all critical to change provider behavior and maintain quality programs with fidelity (Franks & Bory, 2015; Fixsen et al., 2001; Nadeem et al., 2013).

Organizational Consultation

Our intensive, initial training will be provided live, on-site at your organization. This will allow us to; develop relationships with the organizations and the providers, assess the level of competencies and needs for implementation, and accomplish immediate skill building with direct care providers. In order to monitor the program’s progress and be available to troubleshoot potential barriers, we will provide regular consultations via webinar format with the providers and their supervisors. Research has demonstrated that external support after training, including specific feedback in a timely manner, predicts therapist fidelity (Beidas et al. 2012).

We would also recommend ongoing training on site. In our experience, offering quarterly booster training is the ideal timeline. This quarterly approach allows the providers ample time to try out their newly acquired skills and specific adventure activities between training sessions. The training sessions will encourage the development of adventure teams to foster local connections and identify local resources, while filling their “tool box” with new ideas and activities each quarter to keep the program fresh and engaging. In addition, these would allow to assess the growing skills of trained providers and to intervene with specific individuals, as needed to improve their skills at facilitation.

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