Upcoming Events

ECO/ABP Intensive – January 14-16: Clinical First Responder™ (CFR) is a 3 day intensive hands-on training workshop designed specifically for students and staff providing care for adolescents and young adults at wilderness, adventure-based, and residential treatment centers.  The training covers a variety of psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues and teaches skills necessary to effectively respond to them.  At the same time, exercises and scenarios provide opportunities for immediate application of the skills being learned. This helps participants integrate the newly acquired knowledge and skills more effectively into their work. This intensive workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Sandy Newes and Dr. Scott Bandoroff (www.peakexperiencetraining.com). Cost: $500 (lodging and food not included). Contact mlung@prescott.edu for more information or to register.

ECO/ABP Intensive – April 8-11: Collaborations with the Natural World: Nature-based interventions for working with trauma & nervous system regulation in educational and counseling settings. This 4-day, residential, nature-based experiential intensive will focus on the basic theoretical underpinnings of trauma as well as nature and mindfulness-based interventions for managing stress and trauma symptoms that may arise within counseling and educational programming. Through a combination of didactic and experiential methods, we will explore interventions for dealing with anxiety and nervous-system dysregulation, as well as an understanding of how these interventions support longer-term trauma resolution. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their own relationship with the natural world and will be empowered to draw upon this connection to inform their work with others. This intensive workshop will be facilitated by Katie Asmus and Kris Abrams (http://www.cedartreehealing.org/nature-and-trauma). Cost: $500 (camping and group shared food included). Contact mlung@prescott.edu for more information or to register.